Narcistic bastard that i am, i am submit a selfportrait of me, by me, developed by me.
(Like a ROCKY movei)

But it isnt just a picture that shows my face it shows kind of how or who I am.

Credits: bongo_biene

This roll lay around my room for about a year, unregarded by the outside world untill i found it again. I had no idea when i shot it, or with what cam. The only thing i knew about the roll was that i found som of this old kodaks, expired in the 70s on the big saturday fleamarket in vienna. I think i payed somthing about an € for 5 rolls.
When i developed it i just guessed a time that could be right, and my clearing agent was really old and had some black flakes in it. To dry it, i tried out to bath it in cheap alcohol for lamps.

Why this reflects how i am?
Its this love for vintag fleamarked stuff, just by somthing you dont know if it works, just for the fun of it, and for the fun of the bargening with the shop owner.
Also the point with the forgeting about things and let them rest for a while to find them a long time later and finish the buisness.
It is the way to experiment with things, to dont car about the perfection, or the “right” way to do it.
Just do it.
The outcome is blury, its stayny and a little dust of my bathroom. It just fits together.

And concluding its the point of being that lucky bastard that gets somthing really beautiful out of it.

yeah thats kind of me

written by bongo_biene on 2013-09-19

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