• Photoseries

    written by bongo_biene on 2013-09-19

    Portrait of Myself

  • Konica Pop MIni

    written by bongo_biene on 2013-08-31
    Konica Pop MIni

    Few words about Konica Pop Mini

  • The Shot 2011

    written by bongo_biene on 2012-01-09
    The Shot 2011

    This was one of my first pics i shot on slide film. When i saw it i fell in love, first because of the shiniy colours, and secondly because i saw what you can do by shoting 2 photos on one picture. I love the mostly accidental genious combination of half frame photography, like a micrographity of a donky and some flowers in a touristy street. This pic for me resembles the freedom of pointandshoot and the fun hanging around with friends.