oh, smena view finder, have you no heart?

it was supposed to be just the girl framed by the yellow gate. instead i got a little surprise. it happens with all my smena 8m pictures. oh well.


  1. somapic
    somapic ·

    your smena rather seems to have a will on its own ;) but uf all pics turn out like this I´d be fine :D

  2. crstewart
    crstewart ·

    It seems to me that your Smena actually gave this picture more heart! :)

  3. perasymanzanas
    perasymanzanas ·

    i love your bike brooch

  4. ccwai
    ccwai ·


  5. ddanae
    ddanae ·

    Salut ! Imi plac mult fotografiile din acest album si as dori sa imi dai voie sa rebloghez unele dintre ele pe smenacamera.tumblr.com/ . Voi mentiona sursa de fiecare data !

  6. bobzace
    bobzace ·

    hei. scuze de intarziere. ai unda verde de la mine :)

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