I'm a musician from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I count photography to be my second passion (music is my first passion but sometimes music has to battle for "first place" with photography!) _.:::::._

I have been interested in photography since I was a child. My first camera was a 35mm Minolta autofocus. I took a blurry picture of a waterfall with it when I was eight years old, and was really impressed with my results :) -- I have been hooked ever since. _.:::::._

In high school I took graphic design and got to use Pentax K1000 SLR's and develop my own black and white. I loved the whole process of using film and being creative with cameras. _.:::::._

As an adult, I migrated to digital cameras for several years and didn't use film for a lonnnng time. In 2010 I started collecting vintage & unusual cameras and buying film again. I love using film. It's different from digital -- there's more care taken in each shot, more deliberation, more mystery. There's delight in the delicious anticipation of waiting for my films to get developed. I feel like I'm swimming against the "digital current" and I love it. _.:::::._

As added proof to my photographic insanity, I have also started developing my own black & white film as well as C-41 colour process film at home. I am eating more organic apples to counteract the effect of exposing myself to toxic smells in my bathroom. _.:::::._

Long live film! :)

BTW you can also visit my Flickr site for my collection of vintage Russian cameras!


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