The Day I met Fitch

Credits: blormore

The story actually begins 2 days prior when I was out running another test roll through my Yashica 35. The Beach/Park is one of my most favorite haunts, it’s so familiar yet I find a new shot every time, so I trekked out to run through a 12 exp. roll. Nearing the end of the roll I saw a shot that looked amazing to me, I advanced the film and halfway through the lever stopped. It would appear I was at the end of the roll, and NOT near the end. I had just packed the Yashica and the Aux. lens’s and no other cameras, also I wasn’t about to load another roll into the Yashica until I got these results back. So I decided to leave for the day and return later.

Now it’s time to introduce you to Fitch, well almost time. A couple of weeks ago I was given some 3200 B&W Kodak from my friend and wanted to see what I could expect from it when shooting in daylight, I thought architecture and structures would be good subjects. Yesterday I loaded up the film in my favorite camera, the Sprocket Rocket, and headed out to a Commercial Park to run through the roll. I was 75% through the roll when I remembered the Beach. It was getting dark so I packed up and called it a day.
Now here we are 2 days later on the day I met Fitch. I awoke and craved a sausage and cheese on an asiago bagel sandwich, yea I know cheese overload, I grabbed my gear and sought out my breakfast. After obtaining said sandwich I headed to the Beach and enjoyed my Sunday morning feast. Feeling satisfied I grabbed my bag and headed over to the old shed by the sound to get the shot I desired 2 days prior, after getting my shots I looked at the film counter and saw it was on 16, well this means I could potentially have only 1 more shot left. So I headed back towards the car where I had passed and old broken down barn, as I was heading back I saw an old man sitting on bench in front of the house on the Beach property. As I approached him he greeted me and I greeted him back, we had a short conversation about Spring and the importance of walking and how, “we need to keep moving, or we’ll have a hard time starting to move again if we stop” as the old man put it, you see he’s 84 years young. We said our goodbyes and then it dawned on me as I was walking towards the barn, old man, old house, old expired b&w film… “go back you idiot”, I thought to myself. So I doubled back and politely asked him if I could take his picture, he said “sure, just don’t forget me when hollywood calls!”. We chuckled, I framed and snapped the shot. I thanked him, introduced myself and shook his hand. He shook my hand and said, “I’m Fitch, nice to meet you”. We parted on the note of, “see you around sometime”. And I hope too soon, thank you Fitch.

written by blormore on 2011-03-20