Gifted Artist ot Happy Accident?

This is one of my favorite photos, it was at my goddaughters 3rd Birthday party and I wanted to take a self portrait with my her sitting on my lap. Well what happened was a series of “hiccups”, I took the first shot, I got distracted by one of my baby nephews and neglected to advance the film, so I took another shot.
Now I wanted to get some shots of the boys as well, so now closer paying attention I advanced the film, however something was a rye. As I was advancing the film I felt it slipping, there was little I could do at this time, so proceeded to take a shot, advanced and shot. Now I did this 3 times and the results as you can see here are pretty neat, I managed to get myself, my goddaughter and part of my nephew all in one collage of a shot!

Hope you all like it and thanks for looking! :)

Credits: blormore

written by blormore on 2011-03-13