Sprocket Rocket Part Deux


I love my Sprocket Rocket, it’s like an appendage of mine that if ever severed it would prove to be a sad, sad day, and most likely uncomfortable.
With that being said, I cannot wait for the Sprocket Rocket 2, that is if it comes to fruition. These are my thoughts for after shooting a few rolls through it, you may be saying “a few rolls and the guy wants to see changes already”. Yep, that’s right! But that’s what our passion for Lomography is, progression in analogue, and I think that these would be some welcome additions to a totally kick ass camera, plus it’s a short list :)

1. A curved film plane, it’s on the fisheye why not add it to the Sprocket Rocket.
2. A half point mark on the film stopping reference window, why you ask ( see #3)
3. A Splitzer, there are so many possibilities with a Splitzer

Just some thoughts I had today while shooting a roll of Xpro :)

written by blormore on 2011-02-22


  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    A halfway point in the film counter...hmmm, how about a half frame mask as well? How about some add on lenses like for the Holgas, FE and tele? How about filters or prisms like for the Holgas? Honestly, it's such a cool camera I would love to see one with a higher end build on it. Imagine a SRocket with a light meter for instance or real aperture and speed control. And how about attachment points for a neck strap and wrist strap that weren't on the bottom of the camera which is a LAME spot to put it in. I have to say though, petty gripes aside, I'm delighted with mine and it is one of my favorite cameras in my whole collection, even the high end digital stuff.

  2. blormore
    blormore ·

    Yes! Even more awesomeness to add, thank you sir! We should be part of a focus group, now that would be a hell of an experience! :)