A Poem of Love and Tragedy

Our stage is set, the tension and excitement building, so powerful with intensity that is undeniable.

Days earlier arriving in it’s simple brown box
Too large for socks, and to light for pet rocks
With great eagerness I cut, I slice and I slash the tape free
I tear open the box, and what do I see?
Like nothing I’ve yet seen, it’s a break from the norm
With a plate and with magnets and hinged in such form
I look at my film and I say with great joy, look what just came for you
It’s my your new scanning mask, with room your sprockets too
I load the film onto the marvel at sight
And set them both down on to a bed made of light
But this bed will not surrender, it stands unsure
It’s heart is for another, one beautiful, one pure
It fights and it fights, not giving up ground
The film sheds a tear for the love it’s just found
But the mask knows now it must release it’s true love
Until the bed is replaced by the man from above
Till then the mask waits, it yearns for the touch
Of the film it just it met but loves oh so very much


written by blormore on 2011-02-13