New Years Resolution

I never state to resolve something for a new year that I wasn’t prepared to see through to the end of the current year. For me new years isn’t an excuse to go and try out the newest gym in town or change my habits, but to resolve to do the best I can and have fun doing it. If I’m gonna exercise on the 1st of the year then there no reason not to exercise the day I decided to exercise on the 1st of the year. Wait… what did I just say? Anywho, now I’m not saying that my new years resolution isn’t about change, because personal betterment is change. It’s just that I think I made, quite some time ago, a life resolution to just be happy and enjoy life as much as possible. Being serious about certain things is good and responsible, but not being so serious about other things is just more fun and light-hearted. I guess that’s why I really enjoy Lomography, because its not so serious and always puts a smile on my face. Lomo On.

Credits: blormore

written by blormore on 2010-12-27