concept album: early in the morning and special light

Some of you might have heard of the fact that this winter in germany is the cloudiest and therefore darkest winter since weather recording started 62 years ago. most of us kind of suffered a bit from winter depression i guess. So it wasn´t really time to go out and shoot because everything was grey in grey. Anyway in the morning hours there is some special light and mood because it´s foggy or misty. So i went out of bed early to capture this mood and and ease in this huge park called tempelhofer feld in berlin which actually is a former airport. As you will see i went there two times. Once with a velvia50 and once with a velvia100. I had a tripod with the 50 and shot on f/16. No tripod with the 100 and therefore f/8. I think if you ever plan to capture something similar your choice should be the velvia50 even though i like the colours of 100, too.


  1. devildi
    devildi ·

    an einem sonnigen tag wie heute kann ich mir sogar graue fotos ansehen :-)))) sehr sehr schönes album !!!

  2. dida
    dida ·

    nice album! i'm curious to see the velvia100 album

  3. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @dida no, you missunderstood. the more greenish shots are the velvia50 ones and the more brown/yellow with the strong colours are the velvia100 shots. btw: thanks for the likes and comments.

  4. dida
    dida ·

    oh! anyway you have great photos in both of the films ;)

  5. kleeblatt
    kleeblatt ·

    voll schönes album !

  6. thejomi
    thejomi ·

    schönes Album. sind die gecrossed? ich find den 100er ja schöner von den Farben.

  7. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @kleeblatt danke! ich bin auch sehr zufrieden mit dem album.
    @ thejomi danke für die likes. ja, der 100er ist ganz anders von den farben, allerdings gibt er die stimmung nicht so gut wieder. vielleicht liegt es so ein bisschen an der sehr kurzen belichtungszeit, dass das "trübe" nicht so "klar" ist bzw. so festgehalten wird. und ja, der film ist xpro - also beide. das fällt auch beim 100er mehr ins gewicht.

  8. gabrieldietrich
    gabrieldietrich ·

    Great album! Very good, really!

  9. riotxriot
    riotxriot ·

    I like the "nobody's there" atmosphere of this album, great!

  10. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @gabrieldietrich thanks a lot.
    @riotxriot thanks! that was exactly what i wanted. except for this jogging lady who could be a little closer. but yes, i waited if there was somebody passing by. as there weren´t many at that time of the day i didn´t had to wait long ;)

  11. kekskonstrukt
    kekskonstrukt ·

    tolles album! die farben, die stimmung - großartig!

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