LC-Wide City Diary Rumble: The bar Collage in Barcelona

Credits: bloomchen

So the story behind shot is that in the afternoon we passed there in the street and as I am looking for opportunities I´m always scanning what´s around me. So I saw this bar and the sign. That´s it. The next day in the evening we were on our way home from dinner and one of those who were with us wanted to go back to the place where we stayed. During the walk we had a look at the watch and told him that is too early to go back especially when being on vacation in a city like Barcelona. That was about the moment we passed the street of where the bar is. So I was “Let´s go and have an ABSACKER here!” – Absacker is the german word for the knock-off pint, the last drink of the day. And I turned and went there so the others had to follow. I was kinda impressed by the bar and the light. We walked upstairs with a view down to the barkeeper and I took my LC-W to take this shot while waiting for my Mai-Tai to come. While the Mai-Tai wasn´t really a good mixture the colours of the shot are.

written by bloomchen on 2013-07-31