the man who changed the world

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… eartha kitt knew nothing she could tell him. kenneth anger thought he was the devil. grace kelly didn´t like him. for gloria swanson he was a cautionary tale. nicolas roeg yelled at him. bianca jagger went to the peking opera with him. the german green party ordered a poster from him. ronald reagan ordered a poster from him. thomas ammann presented him a rolex. dustin hoffmann passed by without saying a word. raquel welsh rescheduled an appointment with him. elizabeth taylor sat down at the table with him.

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calvin klein collected the same items he did. kate jackson called him on the phone just to say “hello”. bill copleys dog was fed by him. when the police came he was scared. jane fonda always wanted something for free. rainer werner fassbinder wore some leopard jockey trousers just for him. gerard malanga wanted to take a picture of him doing the pedicure. steven spielberg was inspired from one of his movies to one of his movies. lana turner finally didn´t pray for him anymore. jean michel basquiat didn´t want to owe him money. julio iglesias acted like he knew him for years. julian schnabel tried to be just like him. jerry hall wanted to lend one million dollar from him. pia zadora send him a cheque. jasper jones´ pictures were more expensive than his pictures. richard gere burned one of his sperma pictures. dolly parton was talking without a break. keith haring would have payed one million dollar for a picture from him if he had owned the money. milos forman once wore the same shoes he wore. birgit polk spoke 20min with him on the subject where her ass had gone. george cukor forbid him to take a picture of him. caroline of monaco came over from a couture show to see him. sidney lumet couldn´t stand him while his wife was still thinking about it. lou reed sat by his side but didn´t say a single word. gene hackman would have loved to get to know him. nico got 500 francs extra from him. dennis hopper watched him taking pictures of naked young men. dick cavett hoped to be invited to him. valerie solanas shot him. valerie solanas shot him. valerie solanas shot him. sophia loren wanted to get rid of him after one hour. for several times albert grossman told him he owned a picture from him. muhammad ali just stared at him very uncomprehending. henry kissinger shook hands with him very friendly but he shook hands very friendly with everybody. diana ross kissed him because she was happy to see him again. paul morrissey sometimes drove in the car with him. truman capote came over for a while.

his name was andy warhol and he died on februrary 22nd 1987 after he had changed the world.

Credits: noe_arteaga

written by bloomchen on 2013-02-22


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    wow, super Artikel!

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    Brilliant Article written in such an Warhol way!!!! Every time I see the words Andy Warhol Died it makes me cry...he died in my height of fashion moment I was 23 and thought Oh no no one will ever be original and pop at the same time ever again!!! There will never be another Candy Darling, Factory, Warhol!

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