lomography vs. job

Credits: bloomchen

dear lomo-fellows!

simple question: would you like to do a job that starts before the photolab of your choice opens and closes before you finish work? pretty tricky situation i must say not even considering that there doesn´t remain a lot of time to take photos.

let´s face the facts!

1. currently i have no choice.
2. maybe the situation changes soon – but maybe not and then it´s getting kinda worse
3. i´ll surely find a lab with other opening hours
4. i miss strolling

Credits: fototattoo

lomography is a passion for me and therefore i really hope i will come to terms with how situation will be. busy or not.
i´ll surely find time to have a look of your uploads. hopefully!

Credits: gnarlyleech

written by bloomchen on 2012-11-12