Ode to K303

Credits: bloomchen

For quite some years I live far away from where I grew up and in all those years I had to drive on the same Autobahn to get o my parents. So in all those years I passed a special section more than 100 times where I could have taken notice of K303 but for some reason I did not notice it until 10 days ago.

Credits: bloomchen

As said I was on my way to my parents when passing a special section in the German State Thüringen. I looked to the right and saw this location. I was driving about 140km/h and so I passed the section probably in 3 to 5 seconds and only saw it for maybe 2 seconds but immediately thought what this will look like on photos. It was impossible to stop on the Autobahn and knew I could not find to place when just driving off and search it. But no doubt I had to go there to take pictures. So while driving I noticed the next exit and two city names.

Credits: bloomchen

So when my girlfriend who was sleeping in the car woke up I told her that on our way back we had to stop somewhere so I could take pictures. When we were at my parents house I opened google maps and looked for the place. I searched the Autobahn exit and moved the map along the Autobahn. Roads are not attractive when being on maps mode so I pushed the “Satellite View” button and there it was.

Credits: bloomchen

Well, I was pretty sure it was that road but there was no “Street View” to really be sure. I quickly grabbed my iPod and opened the maps app and made a route to exactly this place.

Credits: bloomchen

Five days later I was on my way back and I was very annoyed as it was heavily raining and impossible to take pictures. But I was still about 80km away from K303. So I hoped it´l stop raining the the sun will come out. Unfortunately it did not. It only rained a little bit and there was no sun and my girlfriend said it´s a stupid idea to take the exit and drive there to shoot with this weather conditions. But I had to.

Credits: bloomchen

In a small village located a few hundred meters away from K303 I took the wrong way and was driving uphill and suddenly on my left I saw K303 from above. I made a u-turn and drove to K303. I went off the car and stepped on the dirty wet field with my shoes. Even though it looked pretty different than what I saw from above on the Autobahn it looked really good. As the kids and my grilfriend were waiting in the car I had only few time to take pictures. I really ran a bit to get shots from different positions.

Credits: bloomchen

Then I stepped into the car and drove uphill the road to take more shots. I´m really glad I did this. But after about 20 minutes I stopped it and said I´ll have to come back here when there is good weather. Unfortunately it´s about 300km away from where I live so in the future I´ll need to have my cameras with me and loaded when driving to my parents.

Credits: bloomchen

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written by bloomchen on 2012-09-17


  1. stratski
    stratski ·

    Haha, it's so cool that you actually went back and stopped to take pictures! I've traveled on highways so many times looking at a view and wishing I could stop there and then to take pictures, but I never get around to doing it. I think the fact that the weather was rainy enhanced your pictures. In wet weather colors (especially the greens) tend to really pop.

  2. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Great story behind these beautiful shots! And I agree with @stratski about the weather enhancing your pictures. Looking forward to see more pics of this section in the future, in the sun, or under the snow maybe?

  3. lhgoodheart
    lhgoodheart ·

    these are fascinating. i'm not from germany but wasn't Turingen - sorry spelling - a province where kings had absolute rule a lot longer than most of western europe. A feudal society from the middle ages - an anachronism - right up to the beginning of the 1900's. There's a knd of eerieness about that history in your photos

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    AMAZING STORIES. I also haven't know all the spot in my hometown. Should submit this at "location"