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Credits: bloomchen

It was back in 1998 I realized that there were almost no photos of me being a teenager. While there were many of me being a child it seemed my parents had at some point lost interest in taking pictures. I thought that´s a bad thing and this has to be changed so I don´t look back in some years and have to admit that there are no pictures of me being a young adult either.
So all I had to do was buying a camera. Which one was pretty easy. There was a german band named Tocotronic and in their booklets they had plenty of LC-A pictures and I thought “That´s it!”.

So I started taking Lomo-pictures and the camera was always in my pocket. I even changed my style because putting the camera in my trousers pockets looked odd so from that day on until today you only see me walking around with a bag.
In the beginning I was a bit shy and so I missed plenty opportunities to take pictures as I didn´t want to just step in front of someone and take a picture. It only took me several weeks to completely change my habit there. From now on my life was documeted in pictures. Many of them were really crap. Others were dope but often I didn´t even know what I did to get such a good result. End of the 90s I moved to Berlin and became better in taking pictures. I took part in Lomography-Contests and I even won a crappy Action-Sampler. Bought me immediately a Supersampler. I had yellow sunglasses which I used to take pictures through. I made Lomo-Walls for friends and if there was an event like a marriage people came to me and asked if I could take pictures. It was then I first got to a point were I couldn´t take the pictures I wanted with the Lomo. It took me a while to really get disloyal and buy a reflex camera. And it was the beginning of the end for quite a while. Anyway it took some time. I continued taking pictures and very often I was still more convinced with the Lomo result. But it wasn´t the same anymore.
Then a new hobby stepped into my life and suddenly everyone and his mama was up on digital cameras. So I stopped taking pictures. It was not a decisison it just happened and it was beginning of 2003.
From time to time there was another marriage of a friend of mine but it was only then I took pictures and so I dind´t find my way back. I still had my Lomography-Newsletter but I didn´t even read it. Only once in a while I had a look but there was nothing that could convince me to find my way back. And even B/W pictures of my new born son with the LC-A which looked really really good had no impact.

That changed only a bit with me having a look at one Newsletter were I saw a picture of “stouf” – the famous Horizont Perfekt picture. So I now had a closer look at what was going on in the community again. In the meantime I was so busy in my job that there is almost no time left for my other hobby and again it was no thought over decision it just happened that I started to take pictures again with my LC-A. And then there was La Sardina. I was convinced and my girlfriend immediately knew what to buy me for anniversary. And now Lomo got me again. I carry my LC-A and La Sardina day and night and I´m really happy to be back again. This time I might stay longer as I have a little son and he is really interested in what he names “boto”.
Thanks for reading, thanks Lomo-guys for keeping it up!

à la… bloomchen

written by bloomchen on 2011-10-06