hacking the competition


… often i think that the like button is pushed nonsensically. liking 30 shots of an album within less than two minutes means the user didn´t have a look at the shots and therefore i claim he won´t remember any of these if he ever wants to show or discuss with another user over a certain photo.
i don´t remember all my likes but as i comment and have a closer look i pretty often remember those photos that blew me – and this can only happen if you actually look at it. as you know just two weeks ago i started my personal collection to archive those photos and some more. unfortunately some user don´t care so they don´t submit their photos i asked for. well, maybe LSI opens the collection for user to add pictures themselves. anyway i remember a lot of them and for some of them i´m really glad i took another look at what i liked in the past.

enough talk! now to the core of this blog entry. to somehow hack this competition i introduce you a photo i really really like. it´s one of my favourites here and one of those i always remember.

Credits: memoryholes

even though this photos has a few more than 10 likes i take this one because it´s so nice. speaking of lomography this is a photo which includes about all characteristics. taken with a lomo cam, a nice focus, blurry, light leaks and a hint of a silhouette. the girl is a beauty. the pose is great. the fact that she isn´t looking into the camera might lead to speculation if this is a snapshot or if she is posing for the pic. @memoryholes might know and explain. the light is great so her hair leaves a shadow on one side of her face. the light shimmer in her hair looks nice and i really adore that the focus is exactly on her face and the other parts of the picture are getting more blurry. and finally the leaks are making it top-notch for me.

written by bloomchen on 2012-08-25


  1. wolkers
    wolkers ·

    You're definitely right and good choice as for the picture!

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    It is an interesting photo in that the light leaks of the corners to not over shadow the woman, but help to draw your eye to her and then her face.

  3. viltsu
    viltsu ·

    I must admit to being one of the more furious liker's in the beginning stages of my lomolife :) this was because i was new to film photography and all the pics i saw really looked nice and fun to me. I got a smile out of them and took it for good fun. But it changed at some point to just arbitrarily slamming the Like and Next button... But now I save my Likes to pictures i actually find either technically or artistically impressive. That said I concur on your specific choice of photo. A beautiful portrait that could be in the next Cosmo or in an exhibition. Good points in your article as well!

  4. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·

    this photo is beautiful! sometimes the likes are not important. You can take a picture like this but if you have just a few friends or your picture is not "selected" that picture will go unnoticed

  5. darwin1974
    darwin1974 ·

    I agree with you my firend but, the problem is easy to see. Lomography gives gift if you are the most "liker" or the most "comment-man" . I think the unique guilty about theses problems is only Lomography.

  6. berndtotto
    berndtotto ·

    No idea, what this "divide your likes into a hundred - rumble" is about, but I like, what you said. Do I need to divide that into hundred now ? ;-)) This web liking became some kind of epidemia , not only here. Like this, like that ... especially on Facebook and Co.

    The picture, you showed here, would deserve my like as well though.

  7. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    When I joined the community, a little under a year ago my first album included a picture of a dandelion. It got about 6 likes. Months later a bunch of peoples photos got deleted. And lomography asked us to put them back. I did that and it is now my most liked image. Over 400. This is because in those few months I garnered a lot of 'friends', wrote a few high profile articles and posted hundreds of images, so many more were exposed to my photos.

    What gets likes always surprises me. There are only so many pictures of ferris wheels and feet I want to see.

    I digress.

    I wonder if the problem is the word Like. There are many, many photos I like. I just liked 30 out of 33 images in someones album. Are we confusing the word Like with Love?

    This image is wonderful, still under 36 likes and comparable with some of the best I've seen. I wonder how active @memoryholes is? No criticism, as that does not effect how good the pictures are, but it directly affects how many people are exposed to them.

  8. memoryholes
    memoryholes ·

    Hello everyone :)
    First of all I am sorry that I didn't reply and thank you all earlier.

    Since I joined the community, I've immediately noticed how vibrant and active it is. Many users made me feel welcome right from the beginning, and of course this made me more confident than ever in sharing my shots, questions and opinions. I joined this community in order to enter a competition and become a lomoreporter during the Milan design week; being among the winners gave me a good opportunity to meet many people and film photography lovers.
    Long story short - the human side of this community is what I'm interested in most.
    I’m aware that being active is the best way to promote your photograpy, but that’s simply not my way of thinking. If a picture has something to say, maybe it will find its way and reach someone. The shot above may be a good example and it has been a beautiful surprise. You know, this is my personal point of view, and it’s definitely another story :)
    To sum up, the "like-don't like" matter is not so important to me, as well as all the rumbles, prizes and awards.

    Regarding this particular shot, this is kinda a self portrait. I usually stand behind the camera, but that was a very special place to me. Since I couldn’t use a shutter cable on my Holga and do it myself, Gianmarco clicked the shutter for me after I set up the camera and the composition. The film was a Kodak Tmax400 TMY-2 (high sharpness).. Holga did the rest.

    Thank you again for your kind comments and opinions! I can never be thankful enough for your kind words and your support @bloomchen


  9. elcalamare
    elcalamare ·

    i dont think likes are important at all. in fact my photos with the most likes are ones that i do not particularly care for, and the ones i love (of my own) hardly have any likes or i doubt, even been looked at. i also question why people put images that aren't taken with lomo cameras or pictures that have been edited. whats the point?????

    what frustrates me more is the relentless prizes, piggies dangling in my face as if i am a 6 year old. if i want a canera or film then i will go and buy one, or work for one. i hate this constant marketing bullshit. after all, the most important thing about buying an analogue camera is the developing.

    nice blog and photo by the way!

  10. badjuju
    badjuju ·

    I am guilty of being a furious liker when I first started lomography. Everything was so new to me I really did like everything! It used to surprise me that most of my popular photos weren't really what I considered to be my best, but i assumed that what people liked was completely subjective. People just liking a photo for the sake of liking it is definitely more prevalent now; especially with the "selected" photos section. I tend to take more time now looking through photos, and I will generally like things that I wish I could have taken or photos that evoke some type of emotion in me. I love your collection by the way... I hope to make it in there one day ;)

  11. onkel-m
    onkel-m ·

    Congratulation @bloomchen for this blog, that´s what a lot of user think ... me to !!!