MY personal and ultimate collection!

Credits: abenda

most of you might already have gotten a request of mine to submit one or two or even more photos to my collection. so you already know or read that currently i´m trying to archive all those incredible shots of you in a collection. the feature is not perfect for this but well.
i don´t know how i can explain it or if this means something to you but if i request a certain picture i really like it a lot. this might be due to the colours, the concept, the leaks, the technique,… whatever. so i would really like you follow my request and submit the photo.

Credits: sebastianerras

i know it´s a hell of work but quite often i´m looking for photos i remember but i can´t find them because i don´t remember who took them and more important i can´t find them via tags. it´s to please me and so i hope you´ll do me this favour.

and for all of you a hint: there might be quite a few photos with a lot of likes but there are many with only few likes or even me being the single user liking them. so if you have some time off and it´s raining cats outside you might think of the collection and have a look at the shots. it´s worth it i think.

Credits: memoryholes

probably i´ll soon send you another request as i´m still not at the end of my list.
thanks in advance and for those who haven´t seen it yet here you go – probably you like the collection just like i do.

best wishes, take care
à la… bloomchen

btw: checking a lot of photos i realized that some are digital so i didn´t send a request but it might happen that even here there is a digital one among them – i don´t check this but sometimes it was just obvious. not so nice but well, nonetheless it´s still a shot i like.

Credits: dooby

LAST WORDS: i´m a bit sorry for telling as i know everyone gives a lot of effort to get those photos but taste is taste and might differ. so the collection works in a way that i chose you (the photo) and not you chose the collection. it´s really my personal best of!

written by bloomchen on 2012-08-16


  1. lonur
    lonur ·

    nice initiative!

  2. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    finally! it's about time that LSI built this feature.

  3. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    This is very cool! And as we both have said, I just wish you were able to change the cover picture of a collection, it's driving me maaaaaad that the system seems to randomly choose the cover and it's not always necessarily the one I, as an admin, would like to be the cover for my given collection. I though we were supposed to curate but we're not allowed to coose the cover of the book so to speak. Weird...

  4. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    yes, chosing the cover picture would really be good. i don´t no what makes the cover shot. it´s not the number of likes and not the latest pic. in the beginning the cover of the collection changed several times. but now it´s stuck.

  5. perone
    perone ·