Minolta Hi-Matic F versus Yashica Electro 35 FC

I´ll write an article about the project so far in the next few weeks so I won´t go into details about the cameras themselves. But what happened was that I finally got the batteries I ordered in the US for these cams last week and was really looking forward using both of these.
Last week I shot my first roll with the Minolta and end of the week and today my first roll with the Yashica.
If you compare the shots of the Minolta and Yashica album yourself you get a clear picture which camera you should go for if you think about getting yourself a rangfinder camera and both of thses are considered to be the object of desire.
I was really very satisfied with the handling of both of them but I´m only satisfied with the pictures of the Minolta. It´s really amazing that the Yashica does have problems with overexposing and underexposing. I admit I didn´t care too much about taking pictures with back light and didn´t pay too much attention on some shots on the advice of the camera if I should use another aperture. But I can say that on most of the shots all settings were fine and the camera didn´t show me to change settings (two arrows show you if you should use another aperture under the conditions you want to shoot) but anyway the results are horrible.

written by bloomchen on 2012-07-02