The Shot of My Year 2011


finding my way back to “lomo-culture” is fun for me as i have a completely different approach to photography. as you can read in my first blog entry the motivation starting to take pictures was to document my life and what happened in pictures. today and with the inspiration of this community it is more documenting my current or maybe even my temporary environment in a representative picture you don´t look at in some weeks and say “joar, i spent a nice evening that day!” because it´s more about “hell yes, this is a great picture and the atmosphere or mood is captured in it!”. sometimes it´s just a wall of a building and the other day it´s people chilling on the beach or the footsteps you leave in the sand.

Credits: bloomchen

this is the picture i like best of those i made last year. it´s from my 2nd seagull roll and i´m a bit proud that it looks that good having no experience with such a camera. the location is nice and was a tipp of a guy of this community and i will definetely go back there someday soon. as i´m a big fan of music there is one song which is like the soundtrack of this pic to me:
probably you enjoy the pic like i do. thanks for reading!

à la… bloomchen

written by bloomchen on 2012-01-02