people found a home - this is one of the barracks inside. the entrance is on the right side

some of you might remember that i used to go to an abandoned colony of garden patches in berlin and after more than 1 year there were suddenly people living there. it was kind of strange to actually see how they installed themselves there. same thing happened now when i went to the former ice cream manufactury in kreuzberg. @andrejrusskovskij did upload some pics of it already iirc but i did expect an abandoned building but instead it was a ruin which is used as residence. there are currently about 50 people living there between rats and garbage and graffitis. out of planks and wire they build some barracks inside the building. i even saw that there is obviously something you could name as appartment - well it has windows. i have no clue what it looks like inside. the internet plattfortm of a big german weekly just uploaded a small report on the buidling a few hours after i was there:… to me it is an ambivalent thing. on pics you want places to look good/cool/nice but there is no coolness in this place. no water, no electricity but garbage and tons of garbage and hundreds of rats. - an in the summer i guess a bestial smell in the air.

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