old/new film

You can see 2 different films in this album. Some of them have light leaks, the other don't. I found an Leica in my house and there was already a film in it, I think it's 8 years old, the photos are very grainy. Almost anyone photo from the old film has a light leak... I don't know what happened between the old and the other film, but well, strange things can happen!


  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    a leak from a missing seal on the back door?

  2. bloodstained
    bloodstained ·

    I think it's the seal from the window, where you can see which film is in the camera right now... I've masked my whole camera off, we will see if the leaks will disappear! don't think there's something wrong with my lens or the front case

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