First roll of home developed film.

First roll of home developed film shot on my Spotty with Fomapan 200.


  1. knipsomat
    knipsomat ·

    good developing job, my friend- those foma films are real treasures! I love.

  2. blanches_nickelodeon
    blanches_nickelodeon ·

    @knipsomat hey. Thanks. Yes....agree with you on Foma....gonna get myself some 100 and 400.

  3. knipsomat
    knipsomat ·

    Caught three rolls of I00 in 35mm + three rolls in I20mm from Foma @photokina yesterday: altogether for 9€ :) :) :)

  4. blanches_nickelodeon
    blanches_nickelodeon ·

    @knipsomat What a steal! Jealous you got to go to the Photokina....heaven I bet.....I get mine from a UK online retailer and pay £15 for 5 including postage....which is really good value I think.

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