Summer Sundown

The northwest corner of Europe, Cape Wrath in Sutherland, Scotland. In medieval times this was the untamed and inhospitable boundary of man's knowledge of Earth. The Edge of The World. Today it is one of the most beautiful places in the World... on a good day.


  1. happiness_hit_her
    happiness_hit_her ·

    wonderful place and album too!

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Been here often myself with Weltaflex, Pentacon Six, Box is indeed a marvellous and beautiful place. I recommend Canisp and Suilven.

  3. blanches_nickelodeon
    blanches_nickelodeon ·

    @alex34 Yes amazing place. I discovered your photos because I have just bought a Weltaflex from Ebay and what a coincidence that your photos are of Sandwood Bay just as I posted an album of the same place. Any help or tip for it?

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