I'm a young photographer passionate about analog/film photography.

Film enabled me to discover double exposure, which consists of overlaying , at most times, 2 different images in a film.

The idea of this practice is to create dreamscapes and imaginary scenarios depicting certain atmospheres. A certain sensibility and a sense of harmony offers the viewer a new decor of the world. As to say that, time, space and people are interconnected.
Its an abstract/conceptual photography that uses reality to build new unexisting worlds.

My work is mostly based on the contrast and the connection between color, objects, architecture , light , geometry , space , clouds , landscapes and people. It results of a non-intentional procedure, since I don't control which image overlays which one. Neverthless, I separately and precisely compose each image , inorder to enable a harmonious match of the double exposed final image.
The camera becomes a working partner that offers me , as a photographer and a spectactor, something new and unexisting. As I take a look at each developed film , I daydream , reminisce about past images and discover new scenery with unexperienced phenomena.

Through all these, I try to question perception as a force that shapes life and places. With time, we learn that every existing thing is volatile and temporary. Putting into question our ability to see and believing what is real or unreal , shows us that as human beings , we are limited physically through our eyes. Whereas psychologically , we are far from knowing your limits. Thanks to such images i'm praising "perception" as an entity that belongs to the " ideal " of dreams. Dreaming is seeing, is believing, is reality, is truth.

I try to explore other fields of photography such as ; Street photography, Black and White photography which play a big role on my double exposure photography.

Thanks for reading and I invite you to join me on this ride to celebrate life, dreams and photography.

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