• That lovely girl...

    shared by kontrast on 2010-10-15

    This is the cool & electric girl i've spent the past three and half years with. A couple of shots in my home have been taken by her ! And yes i know, she's super hot...

  • Beautiful Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 film :).

    shared by susielomovitz on 2011-04-18

    Camera set: 25 ISO (in almost every photo). Weather: beautiful sunny days. Develop: regular C41. Scan: monochrome mode.

  • #6189190

    shared by lomoteddy on 2009-11-20

  • Diana Mini

    shared by cornborn on 2011-08-06

    From roll #25 in my Diana Mini. Home-made redscale film

  • Lost Places in Vlotho

    shared by frauspatzi on 2011-02-21

    Selbstentwicklung: Rodinal 1:25, 6 Minuten

  • Orange

    shared by ck_berlin on 2010-09-26

    Easy diy-home-studio photos with Kiev 88 and extension tubes. | Einfache Selbstbau-Studio-Fotos aufgenommen mit meiner Kiev 88 und Abstandsringen

  • #12687287

    shared by clickiemcpete on 2011-02-25

    Second try with the Olympus Pen FT and much better results exposure wise. I used an EOS adapter to attach my Lensbaby Composer and Scout along with a wide variety of additional closeup lenses and optics. Can't wait to try a roll of slide film through this one next. :)

  • Diana Mini

    shared by cornborn on 2010-12-26

    Trying out my new Diana Mini that I got at Photokina! THANK YOU LSI :)

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    shared by ouroborosx on 2007-03-08

  • #14267558

    shared by myloveletter on 2011-09-16

    all of these with a black background were taken in a pool with black sheets in the background...

  • my girl

    shared by myloveletter on 2010-05-16

    I borrowed my daughter's camera that she got for her birthday to take this picture. She was upset that I was using her film, but once she saw it, she was happy because she thinks it is the prettiest picture of her ever. That would be a much harder decision in my book... I have a million trillion pictures of her and which is the prettiest is anyone's guess.

  • Armed

    shared by natalieerachel on 2011-04-27

    Hanging out at Cockroach Cove:

  • Call me please...

    shared by daitita on 2010-04-30

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  • trouble no more

    shared by marjanbuning on 2009-08-12

    My resolution for 2011 to repair things that are broken (at leatst trying to do so)

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  • All the lovers

    shared by lomocrea on 2010-07-26

  • say LOMOO

    shared by annekoning on 2010-12-18

    ARGH ! I'm so angry, my film, that the store developed two weeks ago, seems to be missing ! It took a quarter to prepare the paint on the face of my lovely sis. Fortunately my sister told me to take some digital photes. So the only photo that left over is this digital photo. I know I'm disqualified, but this is the only way to spread the word in my point of view. Analoque, the picture would certainly be better. LO ..... MO on her eyes, fisheye effect, and another picture through the photo with WWW on my forehead and .com on my chin. Maybe one day my film will return ...

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    shared by hughh on 2010-02-20

    Row n Ben

  • #11130565

    shared by strangelilgirl on 2010-03-18

    some Canon shots...

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    shared by coca on 2009-08-14

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  • Film swap and lomowalk with i_am_four-eyes

    shared by dakadev_pui on 2011-05-01

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  • Heaven's Shower

    shared by marshall4480 on 2011-02-10

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  • Wet pooch!

    shared by natalieerachel on 2011-04-27

    Hanging out at Cockroach Cove:

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  • #12395596

    shared by lomo-camkage on 2011-01-07

    I used a mini-projector to project some of my Favorite LC-A+ shots onto my friend Heather. Looks like it worked. I shot it at 400 iso because I thought it was Fuji MS 100/1000. I had to get the filmed pushed a stop to bring it out.

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  • Dog

    shared by yochan on 2010-12-25

    It's my first roll with my new Holga. And homedmade scan:)

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    shared by yoscolmi on 2010-01-16

    Satomi and I got the perfekt around the same time, and we have decided to do a 1st roll perfekt shoot off! The concept is, we both shoot the first roll, and unlock the album at the same time. The person who get the most liked picture after a week is the winner! and the loser has to buy the winner a lunch when we meet someday in the future!!! So com'on, people! Let's see who the winner is! Check out satomi's 1st perfekt album in her home, too! (Just to be fair:p)

  • #13092707

    shared by reneg88 on 2011-04-18

    For some reason all or most of the pictures have this really weird light leak right in the middle of every photo... and it's the LC-A+ it never produces light leaks... anybody have a clue of what might be wrong?

  • Alone but not lonely, said the tree

    shared by tallgrrlrocks on 2010-05-12

    Isolated: A lone, dying shrub is surrounded by the calm water, detached from the company of it's fellow shrubs.

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  • carla_01

    shared by werriston on 2011-04-14

    Second roll with Impossible's new PX 680, and the first time *ever* that I've gotten eight whole shots out of a pack of Impossible film! All these were taken in bright sunlight within the space of an hour. There's a lot of chemical spottiness in this pack, but I kinda like it.

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  • Tímidas

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