• 夏空のオフィーリア -Ophelia in the summer sky

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    Sunflower field in my town with picture of Ophelia - tragic heroine in Hamlet. By Redscale film.

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  • SZIGET 2015

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  • Paint (Northkorea #11)

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    We went to the Folklore street of Sariwon city and while waiting for two bottles of fermented milk this rare moment of almost freedom popped up. Just standing on the street I utilized the moment and tried to capture bikes and pedastrians, who where passing by. And there was this boy, sitting behind a bike painting the street ahead of him. In a way we were the same in this moment. It's hard to explain how rare these photos might be are. And I met one of the few active bussdhists in the country at Woljog Temple. I liked the priest with his fancy hat, haven't seen anybody with that fashion in Northkorea...