Kodak JR. Six-16 Series III

What to do on a rainy Saturday ? I watched Skyfall and refurbished an old Kodak JR. SIX-16 Series III from the 30s. I just paid 1500 Yen for it ... more or less junk, but it was actually not a big deal, cleaning the lens and fixing a few pinholes in the bellows ... and it looks beautiful again, doesn't it ;)
This old Kodak folder is using a rare film type. 616 film, discontinued for a long time and a little bit larger than 120 roll film ... but I already thought about how I can emulate it. What people do on a rainy Saturday :)

folder iii jr. kodak series six-16 vintage
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  1. jamescat22
    jamescat22 ·

    So, did you ever shoot it? I taped 120 film onto 616 paper and that works well. Found I had a lot of pinholes in the bellows but I covered the edges with black fabric tape. Hope yours worked out.