What the wrong film can do for you

I was walking through a very familiar market nearby these days when I suddenly realize that that place was a good place to a Lomo Location. I had a film in my Diana Mini a started to shot thinking about that.

The light conditions wasn’t so good but there is some light entrances and windows in the place, and I thought that if I shot in “cloud” mode it gonna be OK. I had a Fuji Sensia in the camera but I couldn’t remember if the ISO was 100 or 400. But I kept shooting.

At home, when I opened the camera… of course was a ISO 100.

A few days later, expecting the worse, I went to the lab to pick the film and… magic happens!

The images came out dark, of course, but the light entrances at the roof and windows appears in bright white, with the red tones at the midtones and the shadows all black. Hyper contrast, red colored, not what I expected at all. But an excellent result anyway.

Credits: bernardocople

written by bernardocople on 2011-03-24