• Creek, Polk County, GA

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    Beautiful creek, clear and cleanI will answer the question of what I would miss about water and that is that as a multiple sclerosis patient living in a very hot climate, water is the thing that keeps me able to function throughout the day. The heat makes my symptoms worse and I can dunk my feet in a bucket of cold water or run my wrists under cold water and get instant relief -- plus, cool showers if my body temperature needs to be lowered very fast! Water also feeds the beautiful trees and plant life all around me - water is simply the most important thing for me and for all life!,

  • Foliage Under the Trestle

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    also, a stream

  • LomoAmiga Amanda Thomas and Her LC-A+ Diary

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    LomoAmiga Amanda Thomas and Her LC-A+ Diary

    Avid blogger and Lomography aficionado from New Zealand, Amanda Thomas showcases her LC-A+ diary that finds beauty in the daily moments...

  • DIY Camera Obscura!

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    DIY Camera Obscura!

    It was partly because of this invention that we get to enjoy Lomography and photography today!

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