I have an HP scanner my brother gave me, and while it works ok, I’ve discovered in the last batch of scans from printed photographs that the machine leaves zig zag lines on the results. I compare that with the scans Walmart gave me of my negatives from the Diana Mini.

I really want a film scanner. I have so much film that I would love to scan; some of which are 4×5, others are 120 film and of course, 35mm.

I have seen prices of about $500 to $300 for something that would handle all formats. I guess I have saving to do.

my scan

Credits: bear_feet

Walmart film scan

Credits: bear_feet

written by bear_feet on 2011-06-10


  1. mr-korn
    mr-korn ·

    I have canon 9000f it takes both 35mm and 120 film. cost around US$ 180 on evilbay

  2. vickling
    vickling ·

    I just bought myself the Epson V600 photo scanner & am so happy with it! About $200. Can do 35mm and 120mm film.

  3. bear_feet
    bear_feet ·

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep them in mind. My sister is looking at some scanners, so I'll let her know what you've suggested.