It was a Friday and we were in Lomo-Love!


A little background: I am fond of naming my cameras after my favourite filmmakers: most of which are influenced by my boylove, who is also my film guru since time immemorial. I already have Kubrick and Coppola but that’s another story. Anyway, that rainy afternoon, we were talking about how I have been hooked up with Jason Schwartzman’s HBO series called Bored to Death and how I really loved the episode when Jim Jarmusch was in it.

After a few more options of what name to give to my LC-A+, like Burton and Fincher, we decided to named it Jarmusch as we devoured ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ — just like the film by the man himself! We took shots of each other, alternately testing the focusing and multi-exposure functions! I am glad, not only because I have a new camera, but also because my boylove is already showing interest with analogue photography. He has always been the digital freak between the two us but it will be more fun if we shoot film together.

However, since I loaded a 36-exposure roll of Ektachrome 200, I wasn’t able to finish the whole of it. I still have less than 10 shots, which I shall finish tomorrow, and I am friggin’ stoked to have Jarmusch’s first roll processed! I just hope my settings won’t turn out real sucky. Ha-ha.

Will post the outcomes next week!

PS: This blog feature on Lomography is really, really cool. I am thinking of documenting my photographic ideas and future analogue projects here from now on. Yay!

From Lomo with Love,

written by basterda on 2010-10-24


  1. tempericarus
    tempericarus ·

    Congrats and Enjoy! =)

  2. spoeker
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    LC-A <3