Analog Pot Pie

1 Whole Chicken
1 Large Sweet Onion
1 Celery Heart
3 lbs Potatoes
Chicken Stock (I use homemade but store bought will do)

For the Noodles:
There aren’t any measurements for these. I will explain later.

What to do:
This part is easy. Boil the Chicken in the chicken stock. If you don’t want to use the stock, use water. Either way, the chicken needs to be covered.

While that is going, you need to make the egg noodles. There really isn’t any explanation for these other than the way my mom taught me and how her mom taught her. “Mix everything together until it feels right!”

That’s lovely Mom.

You need a mixing bowl, approx 2 cups of flour to start, 3 eggs, a dash of salt, and a “schlep” of milk. What’s a “schlep” you ask? It’s supposed to be the noise the milk makes when it comes out of the bottle from pouring it and putting it back up. It’s really more like splat but it’s just enough milk to moisten the dough, approx 1 tablespoon. Now, take your CLEAN hands and mix it together. It’s messy. It’s nasty! You just have to deal with it until it becomes like pie dough.

Next, the dough has to be flattened with a rolling pin. I take an old table cloth, put it on the counter, put flour on it, and then roll the dough flat. After that, cut it into little bite sized squares.

Next on the list is the vegetables. You just have to cut them up and dice the potatoes. You are going to stick it in the pot anyways.

When the chicken is falling apart, fish it out of the chicken stock. If you want to take out any of the grease, now is the time to do it. When the chicken is out, wait for it to cool and shred the meat off of the bones.

After the meat is shredded, put the meat and the vegetables into the water the chicken was cooked in. Cook until the potatoes are almost done. Then put in your noodles. Cook for another 15 minutes and you are done! You have Chicken Pot Pie!

Eat yourself full up!

written by bass_clarinet_2000 on 2011-04-22