My Grandfather's Camera


Upon hearing the story of how my mom used to wait and get mad at Pappy, I can imagine him playing with the light meter and adjusting the lens. I can see him rechecking his light meter while my mom is getting huffy with him. And then I can hear that classic click. There, the photo is taken!

This blog entry is a little bit of a tribute to my favorite camera and to my grandfather. These photos were taken in July of 1973 while my mom, and, and brother lived down in Farmers, Texas. I know that most of these were taken in Arlington, but if the photos aren’t in Arlington, Texas, I’m sorry. I was never in Texas so I don’t know what landmarks belong where.

written by bass_clarinet_2000 on 2011-02-24


  1. darver
    darver ·

    Love it! I grew up near Arlington, and now live in Downtown Dallas. Just in case you are curious all of the amusement park photos are from Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. But some are from downtown. That big cement square is the JFK memorial downtown and also that old castle looking one with the sun setting on it is a huge catholic church downtown as well. I don't know about the neighborhood/family shots other than it is awesome to see. Have fun! My grandpa's camera is my go to right now as well...

  2. bass_clarinet_2000
    bass_clarinet_2000 ·

    I didn't know what half of that stuff was. I talked to mom and she said that she lived in Farmer's Branch. I would love to see that stuff. now that I know what some of that is, I'll have to fix the maps.