Perfect Imperfections


After learning about Stereo images from one of my idols, Brian May, I found out that there is a digital camera that takes 3D images. I looked around for a price. Holy crap! $450! They can keep it! I found the Holga Stereo 120PC-3D! This is my baby. After getting the camera and the shutter release, I was ready to go. (Note: The directions recommend a tripod. I do also. However, I have a tripod from when I went to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. It has a standard tripod mount so any tripod will do.)

I walked around the house. I went to work. I went to the old kilns in Coplay, PA. I was happy with how light, how fun, and how head turning this camera was. Before I knew it, I took all 12 photos. I took it to my local lab and waited patiently for 1 week until I got my film.

I looked at the negatives. I was disappointed. I don’t know what I did but only 3 pictures didn’t have double exposure or weird white squares or circles. However, when I looked at the CD that came with it I was actually pleased. The screw ups taught me that I probably didn’t turn the film enough, which is fine, but I was amazed but how good they looked. It added that flare that I admire from other lomographers.

I finally got that basic understanding of lomography and how my camera works. It’s like that light bulb went off. I walked through the door of knowledge and joined the clan of Holga worshipers, Fisheye lovers, Diana fanatics, and Lomo children.

Currently, I have my second roll of black and white film in my Holga. I did 30 minute long exposures, I took a nap with it on, and I even had it on when I was in the car. If my first roll of film turned out this great, I can’t wait to see the second.

written by bass_clarinet_2000 on 2010-12-10


  1. dustbowlugly
    dustbowlugly ·

    my first holga roll was a topsy turvy mixup of accidents, too! but i looved loved it!

  2. bass_clarinet_2000
    bass_clarinet_2000 ·

    I love how I can mess up on film and it is respected. When I screw up on digital, it's frowned upon. Weird. However, I love this roll and I adore this camera more and more. I want to save up for another Holga now. Time to save up the piggies!