• frankfurt

    shared by dreamseller on 2013-01-06

    silvester-sightseeing in frankfurt, using a gossen sixtino light-meter for the first time. it seems to show me too long exposure-times... nevertheless, it worked out quite satisfying with this film.

  • Velocity

    shared by zark on 2009-02-10

    Going fast, freezing time. Movement, momentum. This is one of my favourite lomographs ever, because I didn´t know how it would turn out until I got my photos back from the lab. I did not think about the outcome when I shot it. I just took it. Don´t think, just shoot!

  • Birds in your stomach

    shared by palkina on 2012-04-23

    this is my first ever bw film on lc-a. and my first self-developement // I shot this film very quickly in the lunch break. just was going to shoot the test roll for the test development. finally it was a lucky lunch break for me.