• Analogue Kisses!

    written by barakalofi on 2012-11-07
    Analogue Kisses!

    Because kisses are analogue, those of you who are looking for … natural, flesh and blood… nothing of kisses in a social network or texting kisses… kisses of love, affection, with gloss taste, sticky, delicious, colorful, butterfly kisses ... lips and forehead, lips and cheeks, lips with lips ... in short ... KISSES !!!!!

  • Lomo Recycling

    written by barakalofi on 2011-11-10 #gear #tutorials
    Lomo Recycling

    This is why I always want my Lomo orders as a present!

  • Elle: Fisheye Nº2

    written by barakalofi on 2011-08-17 #news
    Elle: Fisheye Nº2

    My friend "laviejasirena" gave me a magazine as a gift and look at what I found inside! Another lomo appearance to write about for a little news article.:)