• The gift of photography

    written by badjuju on 2014-08-26
    The gift of photography

    Unfortunately, I do not get to celebrate photography every day from a personal perspective lately.

  • Beast of Burden Photoseries

    written by badjuju on 2013-09-16
    Beast of Burden Photoseries

    After years of drive-by stalking of the bison at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee, I finally saw a chance to capture the gentle beasts on film while driving through the park one beautiful afternoon.

  • I need a film guru-severely overexposed photos!

    written by badjuju on 2013-07-10

    My father's wedding was in Florida last Monday and I decided to use some lomo 100 CN film on the trip. That was the only film I intended on taking with me, so that is all I had packed.