Right to Information Act 2005: Are You Aware Of It?

The right to information act 2005 is a complicated policy and it is the right of every citizen to be aware of it. The RTI act 2005 in India involves providing complete information regarding a government policy or law. It is also important for the government to computerize their records so that the information is easily accessible in minimum possible time. It is important for the government member to find a robust solution and quickly access the file without any issues. The act covers all the states except Jammu and Kashmir. It covers all constitutional authorities including the executives, legislature, and judiciary at the same time. It is also defined in the important Act that all the government bodies financed or funded through the government in any manner are bound to align with the RTI request and provide their records.
After the famous Sarbjit Roy vs. Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission, the government has added a clause that privatized public utility companies are now also part of the RTI act.
To ensure the RTI works properly, CIC was formed. The Central Information Commission also added that public parties are also a part of the RTI act. It is also important to consider that you need to send a demand draft along with the letter to seek the information from the governing body. The draft must be payable to the Accounts Officer of the public authority. The applicant is also required to pay further fees as per the additional clauses in Right to information India. It is also important to consider that the manual process of accessing the information is very slow and complicated as records are not available in digital format.
Due to the manual process, the associated cost is too high at the same time. It is a shame that only Haryana holds forte to provide the requested information quickly. However, the truth is that in other states, the response rate is extremely poor due to the legacy system. There is a requirement to change the overall system right now. Therefore, we must adhere to a campaign where we can support the automation of the system and cut down extra cost right now, which is burdening in the form of imposing taxes.
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written by baahirsharma on 2017-03-10