If only she could speak #2


November 5th.
He stared at me, his eyes filled with emotions. I knew the day had come. Gently he lifted me up and pocketed me.

In darkness memories shine brightest.
The secrets within me will be re discovered.
- I smiled to myself-
Bet he has already forgotten what he took with me.
As I rolled across his palm down to his fingertips, every inch of my body reached out and absorbed his final touch.
Into the hands of the lab I fell.

I looked once again as the colors became dim. Out of focus and out of light consumed by my emotions. Holding back tears I muttered, “ thank you. “ as he exit my life.
Everything is now different as the cold chemicals wash over me. Sinking deeper into the darkness I wondered, have those nine months brought me such bliss?


Credits: azzzy

written by azzzy on 2010-11-06


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    great photos, bravo my friend !

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    nice!! i really like the photos! great colors! nine month pregnant and twelve beautiful kids!

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    @pulex 9months pregnant, haha i never thought of it that way. but yes lovely kids!
    thanks everyone for the comments and likes!

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    awesome part two! mad gorgeous photos!! woots! ((:

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    Beautiful photos. I like no. 10 , 11 the best...

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    My "likes" will speak better that the French girl whom I'm and who wakes up (difficulty in finding my words in English in the awakening) !! :))

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    heart square formats!! LOL yeah!! agree with the beautiful kids saying! :)

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    Oooo so young already twelve kids...
    there's something that i misunderstood?

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    Nice shots! Love it :D

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    Nice drama - nice shots! RESPECT!

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    Aaaaagh, can't see the pictures, just the lovely comments from everyone. I'll keep trying!

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    Finally developed!! Wonderful gallery!!

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    I would have died from anxiety if i waited 9 mths before developing my films! That aside, nice entry, and amazing gallery! You must be a proud dad!

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    Nice article, nice photo good works ;)

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    Nice article, nice photo good works ;)

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    thanks for the likes and comments everyone. Part # 3??

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    Definitely part 3. But with one of Kodak EPP's friends that was also neglected :/ hahahhaha! Do it.

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    @brettac hahah kodak EPP the only 120film i shot so far. the others that are neglected are 35mm dudes

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    i've got the same delima w/my new lomo slide film. i really want to use it but i have to finish my instax film first, an i don't want to waste it :x

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    My favorite picture of yours.. I'd say the first :D Maybe that's my alcoholic side of me that is speaking, but I love those bottles and those colors and the blur it has.. anyway, great pictures :)

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    wonderful story .... keep it up!!!! its great to know u and the way the story its written!!! emotionally attached!!!

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    the vending machine never looked this good!

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