I am a kaleidoscope

I am a kaleidoscope that takes many turns. Just get through today, for tomorrow I yearn. When the hard times are over, then I’ll enjoy. I’ll take time to appreciate each girl and boy. When this is accomplished and that is done, I’ll gaze at the colors as reflected by the sun.

In an instant, plunged into darkness, disbelief, and fear, I had such great plans for the coming years. My life changed forever, I look once again, as the colors become muddled, and dim. Out of focus and out of light, overwhelmed by the deep darkness of night.

I take charge of my life and ready the fight. I look once again towards the light. Everything is now different as I start turning.
The colors, so brilliant, the light brightly burning. I wonder at the beauty like never before. The dazzling colors, I want more! With each gentle turn I gaze in awe. Have my family and friends always brought me such bliss?

Every day now counts. I seek something good. I wish for a moment that everyone could see through my eyes the joy and delight of my kaleidoscope life.

I am a kaleidoscope.

written by azzzy on 2011-03-24