• Seeing DouBledouBle the Lomo Way

    written by azzzy on 2012-07-09
    Seeing DouBledouBle the Lomo Way

    I've always champion the multiple exposure way, the thing that sets us apart from the polished word of digital photography. Creativity at its best, I would say, simply search "multiple exposure" on and be blown away by what you will see. Now it's my turn to walk you through my home in hopes to inspire you to simply continue the journey of multiple exposure and kick ass!

  • Holga Singapore Tour In the News

    written by azzzy on 2011-02-04 #news
    Holga Singapore Tour In the News

    In June 2009, twenty-five lomographers set out to capture 25 different locations in Singapore with a Holga. It was the first event of its kind and it sure got the media attention it deserved.

  • Istana Garden

    written by azzzy on 2011-02-02 #places
    Istana Garden

    Looking for a peaceful place in the busy city of Johor Bahru? Do you need a place to chill, where you can have a picnic with friends and family? Then look no further, as the Istana Garden is the perfect place for you!

  • Ektar: the New Kid on the Block

    written by azzzy on 2010-12-22 #gear
    Ektar: the New Kid on the Block

    Admits the chants of " Film is Dead" from digital user and critics. Kodak a major player in the film industry launched a brand new 35mm negative film in September 2008. Kodak Professional EKTAR 100 which claims to be the finest-Grain Color Negative Film with high saturation and vivid colors. This is my review.

  • 1600 Your Hero in the Night.

    written by azzzy on 2010-12-20 #gear
    1600 Your Hero in the Night.

    Lights camera action! Fuji Superia 1600 film is your star in the night, for quick shots in the night without the trouble of long exposures or carrying a tripod where ever you go. With Christmas and new year just around the corner, load up this film in your camera and snap the fancy Christmas and new year light decorations with a peace of mind from blur and underexposed pictures.

  • 35mm's New Clothes.

    written by azzzy on 2010-12-08 #gear #tutorials
    35mm's New Clothes.

    Someone birthday coming up? The festive season just round the corner? Want to take a 35mm film gift to the next level.? Make it more interesting, special, personal and most importantly surprising.? It sure is possible!

  • Secret Messages from a Spool.

    written by azzzy on 2010-12-07 #gear #tutorials
    Secret Messages from a Spool.

    A fellow film photographer's birthday coming? Need ideas for the coming festive season? Well giving someone a 120film as a gift just got interesting!

  • Follow the Stars at the Marina Bay Light Walk

    written by azzzy on 2010-11-10 #places
    Follow the Stars at the Marina Bay Light Walk

    Marina Bay is one of Singapore's gems with plenty of activities happening around it throughout the year. Such events include the Singapore National Day in August, the F1 Night Race in September, and recently, the first Youth Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. Marina Bay's latest attraction was the iLIGHT. Asia's first sustainable light art festival.

  • Holga Singapore Tour

    written by azzzy on 2009-06-17 #news
    Holga Singapore Tour

    25 people, 1 Holga camera, 300 shots. A tour around our sunny island to show that a country never too small to tour in it. This is the first time the tour is happening in Singapore.