My Lomokino Storyboard -

All the movie, except for the very last part, is shot in first person, like if it’s the eye of the protagonist.
The soundtrack of this movie should be “Inside of Love”, by Nada Surf, or anything with the same rythm and with “love” theme.

  • At the bus stop
    It’s like 4 PM. The first frame shows the feet of a boy. He’s wearing jeans and sneakers. He’s leaning against a wall, waiting for the bus. He looks first at his watch, and then he looks on his right, because the bus is coming. He walks in, he validates the ticket, and he finds a seat, close to the bus door. He sits, and he starts looking out of the window, while the bus goes, watching people walking down the street. (The bus is not going very fast).
  • In the bus
    In the first part of his “journey”, among “ordinary” people, he sees some particular ones that capture his attention (the camera follows them more than the other people): a mom with two kids, a boy and a girl, with their school bags, eating ice cream; people that are supposedly just came out of an office, talking happily; a guy with long hair shaking his hands while listening to music with his headphones; a man begging, sitting in front of a shop; a woman running to arrive at the next bus stop, trying not to lose the bus the boy is in; a young couple walking hand in hand.
    Then the bus reaches the stop, and the boy-the camera looks at the people that walk in it. There is a young woman with a baby in her arms, an old man with an hat, and the woman he saw running before, a little strained but with a smile on her face. The bus closes the door, but a guy arrives running and knocks at it, to ask the bus driver to open it, but he doesn’t hear the knock, and the bus leaves.
    The bus is about to cross a roundabout, but it stops because the traffic light is red. The boy now sees: an old woman with her dog; a man talking animatedly at the phone (but you can’t see if he’s angry or not); a girl that seems about to cry. The light turns green, and the bus crosses the rondpoint very slow, because of the traffic. A girl, dressed in yellow, is running happily on her bike. Then an ambulance runs through the street.
    The bus keeps on going, and now the boy sees: a man ringing at a doorbell, and he seems so sad and nervous; a couple discussing while walking; a little boy crying because he felt on the sidewalk; a girl with a bouquet of roses; a man playing the sax with his dog sitting next to him.
    The bus reaches another stop, and the boy stands up and goes in front of the exit door, because the next stop is his one. The bus is now going quite fast, because the street is empty, so the guy can just catch a glimpse of the people in the sidewalk: a policeman talking to a woman; a boy and a girl kissing; a little girl with a red baloon; and then the bus reaches his stop. The doors open, and he sees a girl, that seems to be looking for someone in the bus.
  • At the arrival
    The one she’s looking for is the “protagonist”: he walks out of the bus, and while she smiles, she hugs her. When they part, the camera is not anymore the first-person view, but now is a third-person point of view that doesn’t move when the two guys walk away (he has his arm over her shoulders, and she is holding him very tight), but keeps on framing them while they walk away.

written by attelid on 2012-04-26