In 2006 I 'gave up' painting, having made white abstracts for six years. I also wanted to quit the gallery system. My reasons for giving up were the time it took to make a painting. The size, cost of transport and storage, and the fact I don't like exhibiting the same work more than once. I returned to drawing. Simple drawings of the things around me. I put them online and began to receive commissions from various publishers and companies.

I began producing small books of my drawings as a way of disseminating and exhibiting my work while avoiding galleries. I started to trade my books with other artists working in a similar way. Then selling their books, then publishing their work. This became Café Royal Books, a publishing house I founded in 2006. Since, I have published about 70 titles under Café Royal.

I am a university lecturer. I still use paint, I still exhibit in galleries, but less than I did. I work commercially if the brief is interesting. I make books, I draw and take photographs. The majority of my work is based on the everyday, collecting and story telling.

I'm interested in the validity / use of painting, drawing and photographic prints when compared to online images and text. I'm unbiased.

Some books can be bought here, the price stated includes worldwide shipping. Titles may be available at the stockists below if not here.

Stockists / Distributors
Analogue, Edinburgh, UK
Art Park, Byron Bay,Australia
Banafish, Shanhai, China
Dashwood, NYC, USA
FACT, Liverpool, UK
Fourteen Nineteen, UK
Fruitmarket, Edinburgh, UK
Galeria Dama Aflita, Porto, Portugal
Good Grief, Manchester, UK
HUH, London, UK
Little Paper Planes, USA
Motto, Berlin, Germany [+distribution]
Panorama, Tokyo, Japan
Skylight Books LA, USA
Staaplaat, Amsterdam
TTC, Copenhagen, Denmark

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