Lomo Fashion.

Credits: lomographics

I’ve never really been stylish. I’m like a lolloping toddler in ill-fitting trousers and hair that looks like it was thrown onto my head. But I love clothes and patterns and shapes, so I like to collect pictures of nice things. Ripped tights, scuffed boots, chunky jumpers, etc. There is an abundance of lovely lomo pictures and I’ve compiled some of my favourites here to allow for maximum drooling and jealousy. Enjoy!

I’ve been a suit fanatic since I bought a pinstriped suit jacket from Scope for £6 back in high school and wore it every day with fingerless gloves and greasy hair (bask in my teen shame).

Credits: scritcci, shrinkwrapped, simonwhiteley & mattcharnock

Next up, shoes.

Credits: siouxsie & chippo

Look at these astounding gloves:

Miscellaneous lovely things:

Credits: natalieerachel, lomographics, eyecon, bomee, susielomovitz, tonantzin & samistardust

Some fantastic costumes:

Credits: sdzn, drumfire & alexroarsatlyons

And last but certainly not least, a fashion-forward dog. Looking good my friend!

Credits: plaidleaf

written by ashdinosaur on 2011-06-24