Eye-eye fisheye :D Nighttime fun.

Credits: asharnanae
Credits: asharnanae

So yeah! I have some colour shots baby! I am really happy with them, 8 out of 12 shots isnt a bad ratio for something that could have turned out crap if I got the settings a bit wrong, but the magic of Diana with 800 film seemed to do the trick :)

I used my fisheye lens for the first time, and my flash with a coloured filter. I did use a tripod for some of the sparkler shots but the others were all hand held, which went rather well anyway. The best part of it was that I got the film P&D in 2 hours! Yay for snappy snaps, i’ll definitely be using them again. Besides, I got to go have lots of sushi and mooch around town waiting for them :)

Can’t wait to try out my other lenses when I go out to Malta on thursday. Im only there for about 4 days, its a family wedding, but an excellent excuse to glue my camera to me and get some great shots.

I love photography :D

written by asharnanae on 2011-11-08