Tungsten Film Addiction........ I got it bad.


I just bought some more tungsten film……. I see it for sale and I just can’t help myself. It like Catnip to me…… if I was a cat……. ok, not the point, Point is that I have some in my stash already, but I love it so much, and it comes up so rarely now that I buy it as soon as I see it.

I keep meaning to scan some more of my colour darkroom work but I can’t seem to find the time. I may have sleeping sickness, no, really, its that or someone disconnected my batteries when I wasn’t looking… or when I was asleep…. which is practically ALL the time! Cripes! I just slept all though my weekend, and my day off. I can’t seem to wake up. Not that spending 4 days invigilating the art exam helped anything.

Oh what a joy that was, 4 days of silence and watching paint dry….. or listening to keyboard clicks, and then the epic print run on the S-L-O-W-E-S-T laptop in christendom! I think 15 photography students went though nearly 100 sheets of oversized A3 Archival Quality Glossy paper alone. Then there are the inks…. luckily I got the CIS system working, but still, we ran out of photo black and light magenta. And I still have some Matt Pieces to print. BLECH…… Oh to be back in the darkroom…. Maybe no one would notice if I ran away.

At least its sunny :D which has been lovely. Makes me want a Magnolia tree so much at this time of year, the blossom is awesome! Haven’t taken any photo though…… I seem to be stuck in bed. oh well, theres always tomorrow :)

written by asharnanae on 2013-04-30


  1. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    Are they still producing tungsten film?

  2. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Not as far as I know, most of the stuff sold now is expired, you can get fresh stock from America, but it cost an arm and a leg to ship it over because you have to use UPS worldwide express. So when I see it for sale I snap up as much as I can afford. They have the 35mm in the uk lomo shop too, which I have only seen in America or eBay (by the roll), for many years.