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Credits: asharnanae

So, the KrakenCam…. well, it all started with the competition run by lomo-netherlands and NSMBL.nl magazine. My design of said camera was chosen as the international winner, and I was then presented with a shiny new DIY LaSardina to carry out my design upon. So over new year and in early january I set to making the squidly camera a reality… I had so much fun :D I love altered art, and so altering a camera was just cool. I am still toying with the idea of adding black to the sidewall of the body….

Anyway, as part of winning they also did a whole web interview thing, and the results of such can be seen here, http://www.nsmbl.nl/nsmbl-x-lomography-the-making-of-lucys-la-sardina/ in dutch….. so…. if you can read dutch great :D maybe give it a look, regardless NSMBL magazine is an engaging read is many languages.

In other bits an pieces of photographic goings on, I have been completing some film swaps, buying films from america, and indulging myself with a diana instant back, and some complete random bargains!

The film swaps have been cool, and its been great getting out over the weekend and doing two days of photo shooting. I really do need to take more pictures more often…. silly things like work keep getting in the way. Though I have just signed up for Cambridge Open Studios, in which I should hopefully get some photographic exhibition time in, which will be nice.

On the film buying side… I was sucked in by the thought of having some 35mm fuji T64 again… I would almost sell my soul for tungsten film…. I love it that much. That, and they had the yankee tank that does 110 developing….. so I bought stuff, but it was a right old bind to get it worked out in terms of payment and delivery…. ugh… so it may be the last time I order some….. until I run out… then I may just have to put up with the irritation.

The instant back for my diana has been a short learning curve, like most cameras I get, I generally expect to waste at least one film, or in the case a film pack, just testing things to see what happens. and I got around 5 reasonable shots out of the film, its very easy to over and under expose ,I found. But it something that I shall be using more often me thinks, now that I know the general jist of its workings.

My last items on todays story list are some filters for my Pentax K-1000. We have a camera shop here that sells a lot of second hand and oddball bits and pieces, and this weekend I hit the jackpot. I got a 4 point cross screen, a close up/macro-ish, a triangular tri-colour, and a normal UV one, all in perfect condition and the tricolour was even brand new, not second hand. And all in it cost me £34!! NICE! The tricolour one produces effects like you see on the colour haze revlog film, it’s crazy cool! So I just had to run out and take some photos, not processed them yet though, ill be doing that tomorrow…. so can’t wait to see how they turn out :D

Heres one taken on the instax, with the filter held infront :D

Credits: asharnanae

so yeah… thats me for the last month or so.

written by asharnanae on 2013-01-28

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    what a great la sardina!! love it