A good start to the month :D

December has only just begun and its been a very good start to the month for me so far :)

Firstly I got offered a free place on a collograph printing one day workshop, which I snapped up since I love all types of printing and getting the chance to do some it great :D I now have more christmas cards than I know what to do with, so I shall have to get sending them out.

I also opened up the kiln this week to find a super glass firing result. It had come out perfect, which is never a given with something as temperamental as a kiln! I was fusing some glass jewellery pendants at the top of the kiln, then lower down I was fusing and slumping some little candle dishes and at the bottom I was slumping glass bottles flat to make spoon rests and cheese boards for presents. LOVE glass fusing, so much fun and so pretty. I have just finished drilling and stringing up most of the pendants, takes a bit of time, but worth it.

Last great thing to happen was a two fold win today. The lesser one was wining five pounds on a lotto scratch card, not much – but better than a poke in the eye , as I always say. The larger win was AMAZING and made me smile so much. Just learnt that I won the NSMBL DIY la sardina designing competition :D WOOT! Almost didn’t get my design in on time, and I missed the first deadline so I was so glad when the extended it. So now I get a new camera which I can make into my very own squidly epic-ness :D

So, I am thankful for my luck, I just hope the rest of the month goes well, and that hopefully everyone else has some good luck this month too :)

written by asharnanae on 2012-12-05