Lomo-shoot at norwich Castle.

So. This is how the Fomapan film of the lime green developer came out….. Most were quite good, though my scanner had a fit trying to capture them (You’d think I’d have asked it to solve world peace!), really it was being very very fussy indeed.

Anyway, after all that, the shot themselver were not bad, the best one was of a cool old door, but I do like some of the more abstractly architecture ones as well. Ill have to see how they print up in the darkroom and scan the prints. Theres even a photo of my brothers girlfriend taking photos on his Pentax digital SLR…… we mutually thought each other was bonkers.

My other film, the HP5 is somehow very dark all over the entirety of the film, as well as having the photos, Like its been universally and homogeneously fogged, weird. So, my scanner put its foot down this time, and would have nothing to to with it, NO it said, NO NO NO. Like a two year old haveing the mother of all temper tantrums, it was unplacatable. So I shall have to try at work, or again wait till I can print them all and scan the prints.

Credits: asharnanae

written by asharnanae on 2011-10-31