New Printer :D

It was my birthday the other day, 33 years old….. ah well… least it means I can go out and buy my own presents, even if I do still get carded for alcoholic purchases. I kid you not, its even got strangely flattering by this point, I mean, I can’t really look under 21?

But anyway, I digress……

My printer, my lovely new printer. It all started when we tried out local supermarket photolab and were frankly more than a bit peeved by the service and the quality of print. The machines couldn’t do square format for a start, nor could you pick out just one photo to print, you had to do a whole folder…. crap. The the ones we did do…. IHHHHEEEEEEEE! the colours we awful! they had been re-enhanced by the machine, YUK, not good at all. And they weren’t even that cheap!

Now the photolab we have in town (snappy snaps) is great, they do all they can to help you, print any size and format you want, in any amount you want, and the colours are great, true to the neg. But it does mean taking a trip into town, and if they can’t do it 1 hour, then I have to make two trips. And I’m lazy…. so sue me. ( not really cuz I have no money :P )

So I was looking around for a good printer, as my old one is very old by this point, I got it in my first year of uni with my learning disability grant ( yep, I’s is dippylexic…. ) and it has done me proud over the years, an epson photo890. But now the drivers are out of date and the third party ones don’t work fully, not to mention the cartridges are expensive and have to be got from epson. So it was time for something new. Now I have access to a colour/B&W laser printer for non photo stuff, but if I wanted good quality colour correct glossy photos then I have been a bit scuppered.

After a recommendation from my brother I looked up the selphy, it uses a heat activated dye ribbon to bond the ink to the paper. It is dry and water resistant as soon as it leave the printer, which is great. Its flippin’ easy to use as well, though much less versatile than an inkjet, but for what I want to do, its perfect. It just so happens that the colour reproduction of the print matches perfectly with that of my computers screen, which is a huge bonus, and I don’t have to worry with the rigmarole of calibrating anything. This could be a feature of the printer, it may just be good luck, but since it does the same thing to my digital camera photos I am inclined to think its the printer. The colour saturation and gamut is amazingly good, being that it uses CMYO, Cyan, Magenta ,Yellow and a clear Overlay. It also prints credit card size photos and stickers, and mini stickers…. hehe, so much fun.

so, overall, very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone who whats to be able to print good quality small prints.

written by asharnanae on 2012-09-09